Now that he's 21 yrs old, Independustrialist CashClip has been creating music since he was 9.

DJ Yates is a Wobble regular with an intense and varied style.  He is a favorite of club fav and has a huge following.

Over the years, Atlanta, Georgia has introduced its share of music

superstars to the industry and MOVII is the next one up to the plate.

The Future of hip hop is SK. From an early age, SK had a love for music

and was inspired by various artist/bands such as Earth, Wind & Fire,

The Isleys, Jay-z, Nas, and a number of others.

Music has had its own share of greatness in every field of the industry but there has never been a Yung Nef.

Your Favorite Indie?

Which Independustrialist is your Favorite?


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