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SK All Day

  • Real Name: undisclosed
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B
  • Collaborations:
  • Labels: RPS Ent.
  • Booking:
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SK is proud of his D.C. Heritage.

His musical journey began in elementary school where he developed a knack for writing poetry and eventually had some of his material published in the Washington Post. From there he expanded to writing lyrics. As he recalls, " I spent may tiring days and nights perfecting his craft and studying the the music business".

When he reached high school, $k’s family moved to Atlanta, Georgia and his career as a rap artist began. $k began to work in studios and would record songs until they were perfect. The long hours put into his music started too pay off in terms of the quality engineering skills he acquired. His passion for music grew stronger and $k no longer wanted to limit his talent so he at 18 he began to produce tracks and beats for anybody who wanted to work with him.

$K understands that the music industry can be tough on artists. He understands that things often have a deeper meaning than face value and that deals are not always what the pretend to be. Nevertheless, with the combination of beats and hot lyrics $k feels that he can make a strong statement in the Hip Hop industry. His solo mixtape “I Am” was released in late 08 and was an instant classic. $K is currently working on his second solo project entitled “Family Values”. His music speaks for itself and the buzz he gets continues to grow.

Producer MadMarv commissioned him to pen the theme song for Marv's GirlSwagg TV show pilot and the two have also teamed up to develop VIZPack which helps up and coming artists by giving them 4 tracks and 4 videos when getting started. While he doesn't mind a career as a solo artist, $K has a true love for production and wants to continue scoring music for film and TV as well. He also plans to master the whole production process and will eventual direct his own productions from start to finish.

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