Yung Nef

  • Real Name: Jeffery Yung Nef Johnson
  • Location: Carollton, Georgia
  • Genre: Rap, Hip hop
  • Collaborations:
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Born and raised in West Ga's own Cartollton Ga a star was in the making and it was something he himself didn't even realize.

If you know Yung Nef then being a multi-talented rap artist wouldn't be the first career to cross your mind for him because he was one of those kids who you can say has beat all odds in life from being apart of the streets because he had to survive. At the age of 15 his uncle Nick and oldest cousin Tank the Great saw more in Yung Nef and encouraged him to try out rapping and he realized that was his nitch and passion in life. Years later he was signed to his first label by the name of "Up Scale Records" along with a few others and when things didn't work out he knew that it was no way he couldn't stop there because his hunger of the re,ording booth was sky high. Knowing his bestfriend since they were kids Movii was also apart of the rap game and had his own label which Yung Nef later joined "Frathouse Muisc" in 2008.

Learning how to perfect his own work and style while being influenced by the sounds of Biggie, 2PAC, No limits, and the HotBoyz he has always been his worst critic so working on his first solo mixtape and smashing hit single "YeahMF" which features Movii has been a mini challenge for him. The song has over 1100 hits on YouTube and he has been working hard and wants everything to be nothing but spectacular when he drops anything new.

For Yung Nef he has had a long bumpy road but he is here now and doesn't have any plans of going any where anytime soon. This year his goals are put out as many mixtapes and music videos as possible and work with many artists from all genrus because he is no one trick pony. He has already been performing on clubs in North Carolina then he is off to Cincinnati Ohio soon so make sure you are ready to see Yung Nef in a city or club near you.

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