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Cash Clip

  • Real Name: KC Baels
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
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He currently lives in Hiram, GA, has a tremendous passion for performing and is also known for his refusal to use drugs, violence or derogatory language as substance for his music.

CashClip was born in Misawa ,Japan and moved to Denver,CO when he was 2 years old. He grew up around gangs, drugs and guns and was known as Lil Full Clip. At an early age, he decided that he didnt was to take part in such activity and discovered his talent to make music when he was 9.

Cash's parents were also concerned and wanted their kids to have options so the family moved to Atlanta when he was 13years old. That year, he was also struck by a car in Marietta,Ga. It was then that Cash realized that life can be taken away from us at any moment so he decided to change his name to CashClip and take his interests in music more seriously. He landed his first deal in 2005 with the group called "Something Serious" which also consisted of three other artists. The group would travel back and forth to West Virginia for shows and recording sessions. Cash realized he was better on his own and began working two jobs in 2006 to fund his own musical ambitions. He released his first album titled "Cash Only" in 2006. Shortly afterwards, he created a promotion Team called "Da Hitstars" to help distribute his music around the country. Since then Cash has release "Cash Flow CHP 1.","I GOT THIS CHP 2" and "LOVE SPELL".

Cash has a focus on geting himself known and has been consider a walking billboard with promotion. CashClip's promotion activities includes clothing, models, condoms, ringtones, videos, posters and more. He has performed well over 200 times and has been in contact or has opened for Bone Crusher, Young Bloodz, Travis Porter, Shawty Lo, Pastor Troy, Young Ralph, Dj Unk, B.O.B. and many more. He has a great ability to move crowds.

The adventure and explanation of CashClip's hardwork is deeper than the ocean itself. Cash is working toward securing a good deal with a label and will continue to give his fans the entertainment deserved. Stay tuned and tell all your friends to add him at and watch him in action on the show!

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